4 eCommerce Mistakes Business Owners Must Avoid

4 eCommerce Mistakes Business Owners Must Avoid

So, you’ve decided to take the leap and start selling your products online. You’ve carefully curated just the right products for the audience you know is out there and is eager to buy. But starting up an eCommerce store is more than just slapping pictures on a premade template and making a few social media posts. 

There’s a huge difference between having an online store and having an online store that gives customers an exceptional experience. If you want to keep your eCommerce business going and growing, you need to know how to create a memorable user experience for your customers. According to Marketing Signals, startups in the eCommerce industry have about a 90% failure rate within the first 120 days (up 10% since 2016).

So how do you ensure that you start successful and stay that way? The best way to ensure success is to learn from the mistakes of others and avoid them at all costs. We know you want to be successful, and we’re here to help, so let’s take a look at our top four eCommerce mistakes you should avoid.

#1 – Not Researching Your Competition 

You may have an excellent idea for a business, but not all great ideas make for great business. There may be many similar products out there, and you may have a unique selling proposition, but some niche markets are more competitive than others. This is especially true for products that are readily available via dropshipping. 

Take some time and do market research. Find out who your competitors are, how they market their products, how similar your products are to theirs, and what customers are saying about them. You want to fill a gap in your market, not just copy someone else’s sales pitch. There are tools out there specifically built to help you research keywords to find competitors, allowing you to find your spot in your target market. 

#2 – Not Defining Your Target Customer 

You wouldn’t try to sell a vacuum cleaner to someone who has all wood floors, so why would you take the time to give them your sales pitch? Many eCommerce businesses start out spamming everyone, everywhere, with their product, brand, and message. But if you aren’t targeting the right people, you won’t see sales conversions. It’s critical that you spend some time and define your target customer. 

To begin, think about the problems your product solves for customers. Once you’ve got that part down, start creating buyer personas. These are stories of hypothetical customers who your product will solve a problem. To create this persona, ask a few questions and describe your perfect customer: 

  1. Where are they located? 
  2. How old are they? Are they married? 
  3. What is their income range? 
  4. What are their interests and hobbies? 
  5. How do they make purchasing decisions? Is it individual decision-making, or do they have a business and need stakeholder input? 
  6. What are their preferred platforms to use when interacting with an eCommerce business? 

Once you’ve gathered this information and created your target buyer persona, you can create marketing campaigns to cater to your audience. 

#3 – Choosing The Wrong Tech Stack 

Choosing the right eCommerce platform (or tech stack) that supports future growth for your eCommerce business is critical to your success. While you can find cheap website builders, hosting, and marketing materials – that doesn’t translate into a successful online business. Remember, eCommerce isn’t just buying stuff online. It’s creating a customer experience to keep them coming back. Shopify and WooCommerce are two extremely popular ecommerce platform that support business growth. 

Choosing The Wrong eCommerce Platform 

Not all eCommerce platforms are created equal. Some have basic features, and some have all the bells and whistles. Basic platforms are less likely to be customisable, and you may have to purchase additional third-party solutions to get everything you need. On the other hand, platforms that seem to have all the bells and whistles may surprise you with hidden costs to use all of those fancy tools. 

The right eCommerce platform will grow with your business. It should have features you can use as you expand your business. If you’re just starting out, spend time researching the best platforms before contacting an ecommerce design agency. Someone who is familiar with all the platforms can point you in the right direction and get you set up for success. 

Invest in Security 

Don’t leave you or your customer’s information out there for anyone to find and use for nefarious purposes. Security is an investment, not a cost. Unfortunately, there are endless ways hackers use to attack, scam, and corrupt your data. When this happens, your business will come to a screeching halt, and even worse, it will cause so much damage that you won’t have a business left to salvage. 

You can boost the security of your eCommerce website in a variety of ways. The minimum security is to have SSL Certificates installed on your site. This is the thing that turns your web address from HTTP:// to HTTPS://. It means that your information is behind a secure layer that encrypts that information and makes it harder for hackers to get into. Strong passwords are another must. Good passwords are 16 characters or more, combining lower and uppercase letters, special symbols, and numbers. 

When you invest in the right security, you build trust and loyalty from your customers, keeping your business running and thriving. 

#4 – Complicated Store Navigation

Nothing discourages a potential customer more than complicated navigation and a shopping cart that’s hard to use. Your online visitors need to be able to navigate to product images, descriptions, place a product in their cart, and checkout in as few clicks as possible. 

When designing your eCommerce website, keep buttons big, text small, and get rid of unnecessary fields. In addition, make your site has enticing product images, unique product descriptions and provide customers with a one-click “add to cart” button. Not only will this make your customers happy, but you’ll be happy when they keep buying from you because they trust that you take their needs into account. 

Hire The Right eCommerce Professional 

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