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Web Design That Will Get You Seen Online and Stand Out From the Competition

How would you like a website that positions you as the leader in your industry and generates more enquiries, bookings or sales calls for your business?

Man looking at the new enquiries generated from his website

More Enquiries

Remove the stress of the dreaded “feast or famine” by having a consistent flow of new enquiries.

More Revenue

Build the revenue needed to grow your business by converting more enquiries into paying customers.

More Time

Spend more time working on your business, developing your services, and launching new products.

Are you relying on referrals to generate new sales? Referrals are great, but they can also be unpredictable. Web Design Armagh will get you found online and get the phone ringing.

You know you need to fix the problem, but while the referrals are coming in, you’re too busy trying to finish the work rather than growing your business. That’s until the referrals stop, and you start to panic!

We suggest that you build a website and lead generation system that brings in a consistent flow of enquiries from other channels.

When your referrals eventually dry up, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you no longer rely on them.

Now, you might be thinking that you can build a simple website on Wix or Squarespace yourself. Well, the truth is, you probably can.

However, if you don’t how to optimise a website for capturing high-quality leads and enquiries, you risk building a website that actually stops potential customers from making contact and pushes them towards a competitor.

Service-based businesses that display a trustworthy brand, connect with their customers, and regularly showcase their expertise are much more likely to generate high-quality leads and enquires that will grow their customer base.

“Since we have designed our new website and scheduling system our business has grown 10-fold”

Brian & Marcella Campbell

Rosewood Health & Wellbeing

5 star web design review by Rosewood Health & Wellbeing

My name is Jack Poyntz, and I’m the founder and lead designer at Digital Drive. Over the last six years, I’ve provided Web Design for businesses in Armagh, across a range of industries.

Jack Poyntz, founder and lead designer at Digital Drive

Today, I specialise in helping service-based businesses in Armagh build a consistent flow of new enquires and increase their revenue, which gives them more time to develop their business.

Why? Because the truth is we see many businesses fail with their marketing because of a website that is outdated and doesn’t resonate with their target customer.

My mission is to help your customers find you online, get the information they need, submit an enquiry, and become a valued customer. So, here’s what I’ve learnt…

Most businesses have a website that is all about them and not about their customers.

Sure, you need to show your customers what you can do for them. But the real focus of the website should be your customer - instead of talking about yourself, speak directly to the people that you serve. Think about your customers problems and talk about how you solve them, including the benefits they receive when working with you.

Case studies, testimonials, helpful guides, and educational content all contribute to making your website about “them” and not just about “you”.


Here’s What Not to Do When Launching a New Website

If you’ve launched a website for your business before, you may have run into a few common problems. We’ve seen plenty of businesses that were sold a website that cost far too much for what they got in return. They were promised high Google rankings and a ton of new work but ended up with a website that provided little to no value for their business.

At Digital Drive, we’ll help you avoid these common mistakes made by business owners when launching a website...

Here’s What Not to Do When Launching a New Website

Thinking that more website traffic will guarantee more enquiries new business

Not building responsive websites that function well on mobile

Making the website all about yourself rather than how you help your customers

Not paying enough attention to the written content and photography

Basing design decisions on your personal taste rather than on what gets results

Confusing customers with too many options and offers causing decision fatigue

So, How Do We Make Web Design Armagh a Success?


Drive! Digital Success Blueprint

Drive Authority

Your online presence is the one place that connects all your marketing efforts and is the hub for your entire business identity.

Website design is just one part of our digital success blueprint called Drive! A comprehensive 9-part system designed to help you establish your brand’s identity, become a leader in your industry, and generate more revenue for your business.

To learn more about how Drive! can contribute to your businesses growth, click below to book a call.


“…We have worked with Jack for many years and would highly recommend Digital Drive. Jack is accommodating, friendly and an expert in website design. Our website generates thousands of enquiries each year due to how attractive, user friendly and modern it is!…”

Sean O'Neill MFC Sports

Sean O’Neill

MFC Sports


“…I have nothing but positive things to say about Digital Drive. Their professionalism yet approachability is second to none. As a small business owner the support has been so reassuring. Bringing my business online and communicating with new customers could not have been easier. THANK YOU!…”

Sarah Bailie Wear It Out

Sarah Bailie

Wear It Out

Web Design Projects

We’ve helped clients in Armagh, Northern Ireland to create digital solutions that gets them found online, generates a flow of new enquiries, and creates more revenue.

Right Now, You Have a Choice...

You can try and figure this out yourself and continue losing customers to the competition, or you can work with us to get it done.

Our Web Design Armagh services are in limited supply as we want to make sure all our clients get the results they deserve. If we’re a good fit, we’ll start by working together in a strategy session.

Our digital solutions are right for you if…

Mobile responsive website design example

You own a service-based business and are ready to grow and scale

You have a great deal of passion for the services that you provide

You have clear and concise goals and know where your business is heading

You are 100% committed to taking action and have the time to engage

You have no problem making a serious financial investment in your business

Think You Can Benefit From Armagh Web Design Services? Let’s Get on a Call

Here’s how it works…

Get Clarity

During a 15 minute discovery call we’ll get to know your business, your objectives and what a successful project looks like for you.

Deep Dive

We’ll then dive deeper into your business to see what’s working and what’s not and identify the roadblocks that are holding you back.

Action Plan

If the budget matches your needs and we feel we can help, we’ll create an action plan to help you on your way to achieving your goals.

Ready to Grow Your Business?

Book a 15-minute phone call to run through your project.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The best thing is if you’re not satisfied, we don’t expect you to pay. We’ll keep working for free until you get the results you deserve.

Here’s What Web Design Armagh Can Do for Your Business...

Build Trust

Without professional web design, customers may question your credibility as a business in Armagh. A professional website that clearly communicates quality information gives you an opportunity to make a great first impression and build trust in your brand.

Reach More Customers

An SEO optimised website gives you a chance to show up in Google when people are searching for your products and services. This gives your business an opportunity to reach more people and increase your customer base.

Generate More Leads

Probably the number 1 reason to have a website is because it can increase leads and enquires for your business. When people can find you easily online, you have an opportunity to sell your business and services while increasing sales.

Brand Awareness

Showcasing your brand is one of the most important aspects of building a business. By establishing who you are, what you represent, and your company values, you can connect with your customers and attract talented staff.

Save You Time

A website can reduce the amount of time spent answering simple questions or managing new enquires. At the same time, it helps customers find information without needing to make contact, providing a better customer experience.

Perform 24/7

You should think about your website as your 24/7 sales person. It can help to answer your customers questions after business hours, or before they even contact you. This builds trust with potential customers as it is always available.