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We’re Here to Support Your Future Business Growth

Get the digital support you need to help grow your business, for the same price as a cup of coffee a day – website hosting, technical support, monthly consultations, and more.

Website Hosting Belfast Northern Ireland Min

Ongoing Support

We provide an extra pair of hands for your business to lean on when you need to update your website, add new pages, update images and more.

Improved Security

We take care of your websites security, backups, and software maintenance to ensure your website is protected and running smoothly 24/7.

Advice & Guidance

Whether you want to talk about ranking higher on Google, develop a cool new feature, or simply ask questions, we’re here to provide answers.

The problem is you had a website designer that either disappeared, or only responded when it suited them. Or maybe every time you try making a change to your website, it takes forever.

Website Hosting Belfast Northern Ireland

Our monthly website hosting and support plans, called “Care Plans”, provide you with the peace of mind and support that you need every month to help you stay focused on running your business. From monitoring security, to optimising speed and performance, through to providing simple guidance, we’re here to support your business for the long term.

So, where did the term “Care Plans” come from? Well, it’s very simple – We CARE about your business and want to see you reach your potential. If caring for your website allows that to happen, we’ve done our job successfully.

Select a Plan That Works for You

With no fixed contracts, you can cancel anytime. Prices are subject to VAT at 20%.


All the basics for a small business or start up to keep your website secure



Additional support and guidance to help you grow your business and scale



“…We have worked with Jack for many years and would highly recommend Digital Drive. Jack is accommodating, friendly and an expert in website design. Our website generates thousands of enquiries each year due to how attractive, user friendly and modern it is!…”

Sean O'Neill MFC Sports

Sean O’Neill

MFC Sports


“…I have nothing but positive things to say about Digital Drive. Their professionalism yet approachability is second to none. As a small business owner the support has been so reassuring. Bringing my business online and communicating with new customers could not have been easier. THANK YOU!…”

Sarah Bailie Wear It Out

Sarah Bailie

Wear It Out

Here’s The Monthly Tasks That We Manage for You…

Ongoing Support

Whether you want to add a new page onto your website, rank higher on Google, develop a cool new feature, or simply just ask questions, we’re here to provide the answers that you need to stay focused and keep improving.

Premium Hosting

Every website requires website hosting and an SSL certificate. Powered by the latest generation of Intel processors and lightning-fast SSD disk arrays our servers have the power to handle complex and busy websites with ease.

Security Protection

On average 30,000 new websites are hacked every day, most of which are usually legitimate small business sites. We’ve invested in proper security software to keep your website safe from hackers and malware.

Performance Reports

It’s important to know what is happening on your website so that you know what to improve next. We will set up website analytic reports so you can get actionable insights and see the true value of your investment.

Software Updates

WordPress is constantly improving with new software. We keep your website software and plugins up to date with the latest versions while constantly testing to make sure your website wasn't negatively impacted by any of the updates.

Website Backups

Unfortunately, all websites can get infected with malware or become the victim of a hack attack. We make real time backups of your website so that if anything bad happens, we can restore your website to its previous version with minimum downtime.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team and we’ll be happy to assist

If your website is built on the WordPress platform, then it’s essential that you have a care plan. Just like any software on your phone or computer, WordPress needs to be updated on a regular basis as it improves and evolves over time. Although these updates might not seem important, they are crucial to ensuring that your website remains safe and secure from vulnerabilities such as hacking or malware attacks.

The other major benefit that our care plan clients find useful is having a digital expert to contact when they have a question or need to update their website with content or images.

Without a care plan in place, your website has a high risk of getting hacked or attached by malware. When this happens, a range of issues could follow such as:

  • Customers not getting access to your website resulting in lost revenue
  • Stolen personal or business information
  • Losing your entire website and having to invest in a new site
  • Loss in customer trust if your business data becomes exposed

No, you will never be locked into a contract with Digital Drive. We’re here to support you, your business, and your website. If you change your mind and want to upgrade or downgrade plan, or even cancel, simply get in touch with us and we will update/stop the next payment.

Yes. Just let us know how many sites you have and we’ll create a custom plan for you.

Adding content, images, and new pages are the most common tasks that we help with, however nothing is off the table as long as it fits into the allocated time. Requests that fall outside of your allocated time such as developing a new feature, will be given a quotation.